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Build Conversations

Seamless Integration

Low Latency

Global Connectivity


Direct the way you interact with your customers

Leverage voice communication with MSG91 Voice API by keeping a track of conversations. Make, manage and route calls to your phone, app or website.

Customize Calls

The intuitive API lets you build the call experience you want.

Craft Calls

A simple HTTP request allows you to embed PSTN, SIP or VoIP into your tool.

Clear Calls

We ensure high quality so you enjoy clear audio with low latency.

Control Calls

Get extensive reports to analyze and further build comprehensive calling experience.

Turn Calls Into Connections

Call Tracking

Record and capture important data.

Voice Alerts

Enable delivery of critical alerts, worldwide.

Simple IVR

Add interactive voice response to your tool.

Private Communication

Connect users without exposing their identity.

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